Tuesday, September 21, 2010

vRanger Error

Here's a random vRanger Error:

Message: An internal error occurred during execution, please contact Vizioncore support if the error persists.  Error Message: VM's host could not be identified

Got this on one of my client's install's today. vRanger 4.x.

The solution? Go refresh the inventory. Go edit your backup job and keep all the same settings.

Easy fix.


I ran into the error again on vRanger 5.3.x, and posted an update here.

Dustin Shaw


  1. easy fix that you have to do frequently. i won't renew vranger contracts. it's too buggy.

  2. Never said I loved vRanger - but it's cheap and fast.

    What are you switching to?

  3. Veeam is a good alternative

  4. we have a number of clients that we have switched to veeam and have not had any of the issues experienced with Vranger.

  5. I just posted an updates, due to running into the error again.