Friday, June 24, 2011

View Pool Issues

Had a client call me this morning with an issue with one of his VMware View 4.5 pool. He said that his users were having issues logging into their desktops. They could login, but it was taking a long time to login. When he went to double check the settings in the pool he found that his vCenter Settings tab was red and the error it stated:
Cannot find host or cluster for this pool.

Since I set it all up for him initally, he stopped there and thought he'd better differ to the expert. Oh, and yes it does say "Data-Denter" - he's dislexic (aren't we all?)

I dug in further and found the following other errors. When clicking on "Browse" to chose Host or cluster, I received this error:
Server Error
One of the required objects is not found in vCenter Server vcenter.

When I looked at the desktops, they all had the same error listed:
Resource Cluster \'/Data-Center/host/Cluster/Resources\' not found for pool: Poolname

Since it was a Floating resource pool with no persistent desktops, I decided the quickest and easiest thing to do for him would be to just create a new pool based of the same image (I'm going to have to give him a refresher on Recomposing; it looks like he is still running off the image I helped him create over a year ago). I disabled his old pool and told him to delete it once he felt comfortable that everything was running good on the new one.

Afterwords, I decided to glance around for an answer, and found this VMware KB article:
Editing an existing pool in the VMware View web admin interface fails with the error: One of required objects is not found in the VirtualCenter server <IP address>

Nothing has changed on his environment. He only has the vSphere Essentials bundle (he has a small shop with only 2 hosts), so he doesn't have any actual Resource Clusters. This is my thought as to where the corruption came from, but I've got nothing to confirm my suspicions. If anyone has some thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them.

Dustin Shaw

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