Thursday, February 9, 2012

ESXi Host Unable to Update

I had a VMware ESXi 4.1 host that I was unable to update/patch using Update Manager the today.

It was coming up with the following errors when I tried:

VMware vCenter Update Manager had an unknown error. Check the Tasks and Events tab and log files for details.

And when I did that, I found this:

Could not install patches on esxihostname
Remediation did not succeed for esxihostname: SingleHostRemediate: Install error on host: esxihostname, error details: vim.fault.NoHost.

So I did some quick googling, and ran across this website that had the answer I was looking for.

The particular host that I was trying to update did indeed have an Unknown (inaccessible) VM on it (left over from yanking the storage and being sloppy...). I removed the VM from inventory, then was able to successfully patch the host.

Dustin Shaw

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