Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brother ControlCenter4 Scanning Permissions

Brother ControlCenter4 Scanning to File requires certain permissions to write files to the folder. These permissions use the current logged in user permissions. To test that the write permissions are accessible, ControlCenter4 appears to write a .tmp file and create a temp folder. I say appears because I have not found any documentation on the subject.

I ran across these required permissions because a scanner I support was trying to write to a network share that allowed Full Access MINUS the ability to create folders. Without the ability to create folders, it would drop a .tmp file in the folder on scan, and pop up an Unable to write the file to "Destination Folder". error like the below:

Once I assigned the user the ability to create folders in this directory (only), ControlCenter4 was able to scan properly.

Dustin Shaw

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